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May 24th ♱ Sunday After The Ascension

The Celebration of the Divine Liturgy of Holy Qurbana for the Sunday After The Ascension will be celebrated by Rev. Fr. Oshia Oraha, Sunday May 24th at 9:00am PST and live streamed on Facebook & YouTube. All services held at church are still to be held private, to the clergy members only.

Bookhra will be distributed from 10:30am - 11:30am in the same process as the last few weeks. Please keep in mind of the following rules when participating in the drive-thru:

  • Bookhra is packaged in a small container per family. Each piece of Bookhra is enough for a large family.

  • Please remain in your car and do not park in the parking lot

  • The church building will be closed and members are not allowed to enter

  • Please stay home if you are elderly or high-risk


May 24th ♱ Sunday After The Ascension

Lection 1: Isaiah 6

Lection 2: Acts 1:15-end

Apostle: Philippians 1:27-2:11

Gospel: Mark 16:2-end


We would like to remind the faithful of our new parish website, The site was designed for our parishioners to be able to access everything in one place. You are able to pay your membership, make a general donation, update your contact info, donate to the PDC and much more!

Many faithful members have asked how they can make an offering to our church during this National Pandemic so we hope these resources will be used accordingly. This is a free-will offering to contribute to the parish during these difficult times for all of us.

We appreciate and express our deep gratitude to whomever would like to make an offering to the Church from their own good will. No one is obliged to do so, but your helping to sustain the work of your holy Church is always greatly appreciated. May the Lord bless each and every one of you, and may He accept your prayers to end this pandemic throughout the world. Amen!

As a reminder, the membership tiers are as follows:

  • Retired Single ($100)

  • Retired Couple ($150)

  • Working Single 21 Years & Over ($150)

  • Couple w/ Children ($275)

May the blessings of Mar Zaia the Blessed be upon you all,

Mar Zaia Cathedral Mutwa

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