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June 7 ♱ Second Sunday of the Apostles

Friday, June 5, 2020

Beloved Faithful,

The Celebration of the Divine Liturgy of Holy Qurbana for the Second Sunday of the Apostles will be celebrated by Rev. Fr. Qasha Yoshia Oraha on Sunday, June 7th at 9:00am PST and live streamed on Facebook.

This weeks readings,

Lection 1: Joel 2:15-26

Lection 2: Acts 4:5-22

Apostle: 1 Corinthians 5:6-6:11

Gospel: Luke 7:31-end

For those of you who wish to receive Bookhra to distribute to your families, we will continue to offer the distribution after the completion of Raza Qadisha.


Last week, we were granted permission to open our churches to the public with some restrictions and limitations. Below are a few of the guidelines:

  • Parishioners/visitors must wash their hands and/or apply hand sanitizer prior to entering the church foyer/lobby. Multiple sanitizing stations will also be available throughout the church.

  • Every other pew will be blocked off to ensure we are practicing social distancing. Each open pew will seat 3 people unless you attend with your immediate family. Immediate family members will be able to sit together in 1 pew.

  • Only 100 people will be allowed inside the church at a time. Once parishioners begin to exit after receiving Holy Communion, Ushers will allow additional parishioners to enter for Holy Communion.

  • Absolutely no congregating inside or outside of the premises. If you choose to wait for the conclusion of Raza you must wait in your vehicle.

  • Masks are optional but recommended.

  • Please follow markings and keep distance while in line for Holy Communion

  • Borrowed head scarves will not be made available, please ensure to bring your own head scarves.


According to the Synodal Decree of 2019, the first Sunday of June has been designated for the Celebration of Commemoration of all Bishops of the Apostolic See of Seleucia-Ctesiphon or Catholicos-Patriarchs of the Assyrian Church of the East,

from St. Thomas the Apostle to Mar Gewargis III.


We also celebrate the Commemoration of Saint Zaia The Blessed this Sunday. Please join us in celebrating this commemoration spiritually this Sunday during Raza.

The Ladies Auxiliary has prepared Kabob Sandwiches for the commemoration. Following Raza Qadisha, sandwiches will be handed out at no charge. If you wish to make a freewill donation, please visit!

May the Blessings of Mar Zaia the Blessed be upon you all!

Mar Zaia Cathedral Mutwa

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